Monday, February 28, 2011

Shore Excursions

Now that the cruise is a month away, it's time to start planning your shore excursions - if you haven't already.

First - Be safe, travel with a group. We have two days together on the ship before we reach our first island, if you don't want to go on an official excursion find a new friend to go with to the beach or to explore the shops and sights.

When picking out a shore excursion - read the descriptions carefully.  Are you going to spend 4 hours of your day traveling in a bus? Is the excursion a physically challenging one.  Are there weight or age restrictions?  There may be several different options for one attraction, like the waterfalls in Jamaica - you can climb the waterfall or take an optional tour that doesn't involve the climbing.

Use online resources to learn more about your top picks. To read reviews and tips on shore excursions I like to check out the Cruise Critics' forum.

Another tip - check out youtube or flickr for excursion you are interested in - people post videos and photos from their cruises all the time and it might help you to decide if an excursion is right for you.  Just type in what you are looking for like: 'Dunns Waterfall Jamaica' or 'snorkeling in Cozumel'.

Port Highlights - click on the links below to read about each port and view the excursions.

Editors' pick: snorkeling or spending the day on the beach at Chankanaab.

Grand Cayman
Editor's pick: the turtle farm - you get to hold baby sea turtles! Don't forget to pick up some rum cake from the island - this is where it is made!

Falmouth, Jamaica
Editor's pick: Dunns River Falls - there are a few different excursions, some more strenuous than others for the falls.  This is the highlight of the island.

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