Thursday, February 3, 2011

Faux Patina Pendant Tutorial

Last year on the Bead Cruise I did a make-and-take using Vintaj altered blanks to create faux patina pendants.  Here are the directions.

Vintaj blanks
Rubber stamps
StazOn Ink Pad
Adirondack Acrylic Paint Dabbers (Stream, Juniper, Lettuce and Pebble)
Renaissance Wax

1. Dab on the paint lightly, wipe the excess with a tissue.  You can wait for this coat to dry or dab on another one for a mixed paint effect.

2. Stamp with StazOn ink pad and rubber stamp.

3. After the pendant is completely dry, use a tissue to wipe on a thin coat of wax.  Let dry completely.  If you don't have wax you could use Matte Spray.

This example was domed first with a dapping block and punch.  Use an unmounted rubber stamp for domed pieces.

You can use domed pieces turned over as a bezel cup for trinkets and resin. 
1. Paint.  2. Stamp. 3. Add resin, 1/2 way.  Cure.  4. Add trinkets and more resin.  Cure again.

Part 1. Here is the link, in case you can't see the video.

Part 2. And the link.

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