Friday, February 24, 2012

The Queen's Ball

Our cocktail party this year is in a medieval inspired disco called the Dungeon. We decided to have some fun with that and dress up a little! Wear a crown, tiara, fascinator or mask to the Queen's Ball. We will have cocktails, music and prizes at this royal event. You might even end up being the Duchess of Filigree or the Countess of Crystal.

Everyone traveling in our Bead Cruise group is invited to this event.

(Photo by John Havel)

There will be prizes for those who wear a crown, fascinator or masquerade ball style mask!

Here are some examples to get you inspired for this fun evening.

Wired Up:

Titania's Blessing Fairy Queen Crown by Angelyques Trinkets.

Black Swan Tiara by Merritt Gade.

Sea Inspired:

Starfish Headband by Smitten For You.

A Black Galleon Ship Fascinator by Professor Maelstromme

Masquerade Masks

Black and Silver Metallic Mask by The Crafty Chemist

Venetian Masquerade Mask by Feather Light Design.

You can go as simple or as fantastical as you'd like. 

I will be giving out prizes for the most creatively crowned/masks guests!


  1. I might just have to have my own little pity party since I am not going. Booohoooo! What sort of mask do you wear to a pity party do you suppose?
    Can't wait to see pictures!
    Enjoy the day!

  2. I've got my tiara ready and sparkly earrings. I can't wait for the Queens Ball cocktail party!

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