Friday, March 4, 2011

Featured Sponsor: Mary Harding

Talented ceramic bead artist Mary Harding has been a sponsor of the Bead Cruise for several years offering a collection of awesome door prizes for a few lucky winners.  This year, all our participants will be winners - Mary is donating an item this year for each bag! 

"Mary Harding McCallion makes ceramic clay of the earth beads, pendants, and vessel pendants. Her beads are both slip cast and hand built. Each bead is individually decorated with stampings, multiple stainings, firings and glazing often resulting in an ancient or primitive look. More recently she has begun to use impressions from wildflowers and plants that blossom in the summer in the pastures of Northern New York.
To see more of Mary's work visit her website and blog.


  1. I am excited to be able to make something for all this year. I have had such a great time making these pieces. Enjoy the sun and great company. I am sure it will be a fab experience.

  2. Beautiful :).